"The Bucket Bros” // Gronk Loves "It's a Small World" (Hour 3)

In this hour: Fred Toucher & Jon Wallach are broadcasting from the Town Fair Tires Studios in Dorchester. Rich is broadcasting remotely.
Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro have a nickname together and it’s “the Bucket Bros” and people are producing anthems for the duo. (00:58)
Kelly Olynyk is a goofy looking dude, but he’s still getting endorsements. Is it time to start being concerned with Kemba? We get an update on Fred’s new TV.  (12:44)
Rob Gronkowski had a press conference and shared his love for “It’s a Small World”. A caller complains about Fred not recording a cameo for him. (26:18)
Are squats overrated? A passionate squat enthusiast weighs in (37:01)