OBJ to the Patriots? // Mike Gorman Reacts to Game 1 (Hour 2)

In this hour: Fred Toucher & Jon Wallach are broadcasting from the Town Fair Tires Studios in Dorchester. Rich is broadcasting remotely.
The Patriots released locker room footage after their win against Miami. Would the Patriots be interested in Odell Beckham Jr.? Would you rather be caught with a prostitute or be known for drafting Tim Tebow? (00:13)
Mike Gorman, the voice of the Boston Celtics for NBC Sports Boston, joins the show and shares his thoughts on last night’s loss to Miami, Kemba struggles, Butler giving up shots, Doc River’s reputation in the playoffs and more (10:57)
Wallach is overly concerned about his live reads and caller proposes a new nickname for Jon. Rich gives an update on his boat. (27:41)