Episode 21: NFL Week 14 / Army-Navy & College Football Bowl Preview

The 21st episode of Over/Under 985! The boys review they winning PP week but complete up and down, grind it out week that gamblers have.  The guys discuss their 3-2 PP record as well as their others picks from the pod.

The boys jump right into the one college football game this week, Army-Navy, with a PP on that.  Then the guys touch upon every NFL game on the slate as they do every week.  Joe drops 2 NFL PP's, and Lifshatz adds 1.

Finally the guys preview the next few weeks to come, as well as whats ahead for the future over the bankroll boys and Over/Under 985.


0:32 - Episode 20 Podcast Play Review and the week that was

8:17 - Army/Navy and Bowl Preview (1 PP)

17:31 - Week 14 NFL Preview and Picks (3 PP's)

45:50 - Next Week's Tease / What's ahead for Over/Under 985