Chris Mannix // Matt Patricia Trying to Rewrite History (Hour 3)

In this hour: Fred Toucher & Jon Wallach are broadcasting from the Town Fair Tires Studios in Dorchester. Rich is broadcasting remotely.
Chris Mannix, Senior NBA writer for Sports Illustrated, joins the show. Chris shares his experience in the NBA Bubble at Disney World, Game 1 between the Celtics/Heat & more. (00:50)
Tyler Herro is a player on the Miami Heat that you’ll most likely hate. Fred & Rich play audio of Herro bragging about the dumb things he’s purchased. (15:33)
Matt Patricia’s tone-deaf response to Lions’ 4th quarter woes is embarrassing. He’s also  taking credit for the Butler interception in Super Bowl XLIX when he shouldn’t - The guys explain why. (30:16)