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Overwatch League: Week 1, Day 1 Recap

The 2020 season for the Overwatch League officially kicked off this weekend. New York and Dallas played host for the inaugural 2020 home stands. The match-ups were intense and full of action throughout the entire weekend. The first day showcased Toronto v Paris, New York v London, Vancouver v Los Angeles Gladiators and Dallas v…

Celtics Notebook: Trade Deadline Fallout

The tumbleweeds rolled down Causeway Street at 3 pm Thursday on yet another quiet trading deadline for the Boston Celtics. It was a quiet one in a lot of cities. Given the parity of the NBA this season, one might have expected more activity, but it wasn't to be. The biggest waves crashed out West,…

Mazz: The real story of this trade? It's not about Mookie Betts - it's about Chaim Bloom

Does Chaim Bloom really know what he is doing? Did the Red Sox get even remotely decent value for Mookie, even if Betts did have just one year remaining on his contract? Are the Red Sox merely cycling through another GM (and manager) since the departure of Theo Epstein (and Terry Francona), or are they actually building something again with a longer-term, more sustainable model?

Mazz: On Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan and the failings of the helicopter coach

Systems like the ones run by McVay and Shanahan are designed to make decision-making easier for relatively inexperienced NFL quarterbacks, but they are also restrictive. And when it inevitably comes time for the quarterbacks to make a play – to make a snap-decision – they have proven incapable, at least in part because Daddy has been protecting them and making all of the decisions for them. Welcome to the world of helicopter coaching.