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These 3 New England States Top the List for Most Christmas Decorations

States With Most Christmas Decorations These 3 New England States Top the List for Most Christmas Decorations When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I say more is more. And so do some states. Before we get the the states with most Christmas decorations, a few fun facts. According to Lombardo Homes Decorating Report, the most popular time to deck the halls is the week after Thanksgiving. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans decorate for Christmas the first week of December, while 1 in 6 wait until the second week of December or later. Americans plan to spend an average of $140 on Christmas decorations in 2023. It’s significantly more than last year’s report (Americans reported spending $82 on decorations in 2022). Nearly 4 in 5 will be decorating a Christmas tree this season. Some 67% prefer artificial trees while 33% like real trees. Americans may prefer artificial trees since 90% say real Christmas trees are getting more expensive. And while you don’t want to think about it yet, all of those decorations do have to come down. But when should you take down your Christmas tree? The majority (51%) keep their tree up as long as possible and wait to take it down until after the first week of January. Nearly a quarter (22%) report taking their tree down between Christmas and New Year’s, while another quarter (22%) wait until January 2nd. Only a very small percentage (5%) take their tree down on December 26th. Plus, Christmas decorations are the best! Who needs a gym when you can flex your festive muscles putting up twinkling lights and wrestling with stubborn ornaments? First off, it's a proven fact that hanging stockings and draping garlands increases your daily dose of joy. It's like injecting happiness straight into your veins, but without the needles. (Well, there are pine needles. But I digress.) And let's not forget the therapeutic benefits of untangling Christmas lights. It's like a Zen meditation, but with a side of cursing when you find that one bulb that refuses to cooperate. Talk about stress relief! Plus, the satisfaction of turning your home into a winter wonderland is unmatched. It's the one time of the year when excessive glitter is not only acceptable but encouraged. So, skip the treadmill, grab the glitter glue, and get ready to sleigh the holiday decorating game. After all, a well-decorated home is the ultimate beacon for Santa Claus. And who doesn't want to impress the big guy? States With Most Christmas Decorations