Wicked Holiday Guide


Things Your Amazon Driver HATES To Deliver

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The time where Amazon packages are rampant. We are ordering from the website giant Amazon more frequently than any other time of the year right now because of the obvious holiday season. Believe it or not, Amazon delivery drivers have their own pet peeves and items they absolutely HATE delivering. Not that this should effect your purchases by any means, but it is interesting to note which items are on Amazon deliver drivers' naughty lists. The list was drawn up by an Amazon delivery driver named Jennifer who created a TikTok video that is going viral talking about the items drivers HATE to deliver. The first one is: Kitty litter. People go through kitty litter very frequently so it's constantly being ordered. She wishes people would just go to the grocery story to get it. The next item is: Dog food. These are very heavy items. Some dog food bags can get as heavy as 50 pounds so you can see how this would be a pain for Amazon drivers to deliver. This is also something you can grab at the grocery store so...go get it yourself. The final item that Amazon delivery drivers hate delivering is: Bottled water.  Amazon sells 40 packs, and they're not light.  It's another thing you can get yourself at a grocery store or Costco. Amazon delivery drivers deliver an estimated 350 packages in a day. At this time of year especially, make sure you're leaving them either a tip or something for them to take. Maybe a bottle of water, a snack or a gift card to...another other than Amazon. These drivers work extremely hard for us so let's not forget them especially around the holidays. Happy holidays to everyone, especially our Amazon drivers who work so hard every day!