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Fox & the Knife marks an impressive indie debut for a celebrated local chef

By MC Slim JB | The Improper Bostonian Boston food geeks know most of the bio of Karen Akunowicz: Top Chef contestant, longtime chef at Myers + Chang and 2018’s James Beard Award winner for Best Chef, Northeast. It still surprised us to learn that Fox & the Knife, her first place of her own, would be Italian, specifically Emilia-Romagnan: Who knew she spent a year cooking in Modena? (It’s co-owned with her spouse, L.J. Johnson, and buttressed by impressive female talent up front and on the line, including general manager Alexandra Hayden.) Barely two months in, this cozy 75-seater across from the Red Line’s Broadway stop in Southie already draws frenetic crowds. Read the full story at     Content provided by The Improper Bostonian through a proper partnership with Beasley Media Group Boston.

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