Pick It & Stick It

Pick It and Stick It: Felger and Mazz’s Picks for Week 15

Haven't spoken to my partners about our colossal failure last week, but I'm going to make a preemptive strike, which is unusual in this relationship. I'm taking the bullet. It's my fault. We had our worst week of the season - I think - and someone has to do something for morale. So here goes. Mea culpa. Unlike the Patriots, we didn't play a completely self-destructive opponent. When you go against the field in the NFL on a weekly basis, you don't have that luxury. So here we are in the fourth quarter, as the saying goes, when everything is typically won or lost. The NFL is back to a full, 16-game slate every week. We are 99-92-4 for the season, which isn't going to last long if we have a repeat of last week. Every game truly means something now, and we here at Pick It and Stick It intend to play this to its conclusion, one way or the other. We will live or die on this hill. How's that for building up the drama? As we all know, the Patriots are at las Vegas this week, a game that was originally scheduled for primetime but was flexed out because, well, both teams kinda suck. But before we even get to the turmoil-infested Patriots, we have a number of games to pick this week. And we refuse to go down as ingloriously as they are. To the games! Last week: 4-9. Season-to-date: 99-92-4. (All odds courtesy of DraftKings.)