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Barstool vs. Goodell

Adam and Christian discuss a new development in the feud between the two sides as Roger Goodell turned down Portnoy as a charity auction winner to watch a game with the commish in his home due to his past issues with the league. 

Ranking starting QB commitments for each NFL team

Adam and Christian discuss an ESPN column which outlines how much each franchise is committed to their current quarterback with financial commitments. The guys aren't surprised to see where the Pats are in the rankings and how fluid their situation may be at the spot year-to-year.

Massachusetts opens up to pro teams

Adam and Christian open the show reacting to the announcement from Governor Charlie Baker that will permit local pro teams to re-open their practice facilities next week. What was the cause for the delay and what's next for the Celtics and Bruins on the road back towards the season? 

Felger & Mazz: A Final Hour of Agenda Free Calls and the Final Word (Hour 4)

In the fourth and final Hour of an Agenda Free Friday, Felger and Mazz continued to take calls on everything from the week.  To close out the week, we hear from Mad Mike and Squeaky Mazz in the Final Word with Jim Murray.

Felger & Mazz: MLB Negotiations, The Match II, and Virtual Crowds (Hour 2)

In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continued to talk about the return of sports and MLB’s negotiations.  The guys also discussed the Match II.  Who is the next pairing that you’d want to see?  Finally, they talked about the idea of using fake crown noise.

Zolak & Bertrand: NFL Rule Changes, Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Tests (Hour 3)

In the third hour:  Zolak and Bertrand continue with reaction to the NFL rule changes, including the change to the onsides kick that did not pass for now, while the “Belichick Rule” regarding clock management at the end of a game will be changed… And, Zo is amazed by the latest monkey-related news story.