The Fairbanks House in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Of the eight oldest buildings in the United States, half of them happen to be located in New Mexico. The Daily Passport recently highlighted each of these landmarks. Of the remaining four oldest buildings in the country, two of them are in New England.

Both of these old structures are believed to date back to a similar timeframe. One of them dates back to 1637 and the other to 1639. In addition, you can still visit them both. Hop on Interstate 95 and drive for about two hours, and you can potentially hit them both on the same day.

Let’s start in Massachusetts to visit the first New England building that is among the oldest in the country.

Fairbanks House

Located in Dedham, Massachusetts, at 511 East Street, the Fairbanks House dates back to 1637. It is the oldest wooden (timber frame) building still standing. “The house was built for Jonathan and Grace Fairbanks out of oak and cedar by a master carpenter and master mason, and this high-quality construction has been largely responsible for the house’s longevity,” Daily Passport explains.

The house was literally “home” to eight generations of the Fairbanks family over the course of 268 years. The Fairbanks House became a museum after the last family moved out in 1904. You can now book a tour each Friday, Saturday or Sunday at four different times. The house still has many of the main elements preserved. There is still no heat, electricity, or running water.

Next, we will head south to Guilford, Connecticut.

Henry Whitfield House

Located on a street named after it (248 Old Whitfield St), the Henry Whitfield House is the oldest stone house still standing in New England. This too, is now a museum. The Daily Passport states, “The house dates back to 1639 when Reverend Henry Whitfield and other English Puritans founded the town of Guilford as a place of religious freedom.”

There is a statue of Henry Whitfield and three floors for visitors to explore. Currently, there is a visitors center, gift shop, and options to tour the house. The estate continues to research and refine the site’s history, saying, “The museum is in the process of changing its interpretation – confronting the facts about the site’s history to acknowledge past injustice, recognizing how that injustice manifests in society today, and working toward an equitable future for all people.”

3 New England Restaurants Ranked For Having Best Breakfast Sandwiches

As a father of four, my mornings are always a bit hectic. I enjoy being an early bird; however, I rarely have the time to prep a good breakfast. Therefore, I was quite thrilled to see that Tasting Table recognized three New England restaurants for having the best breakfast sandwiches in the country. I’m always looking for a good quick breakfast.

A morning in my world usually consists of a sunrise workout, followed by a scramble to get myself and the kids out of the house. Then I embark on an hour-long drive to the office. On the weekends, it’s taking one of my kids to their sports game. Let’s focus on the latter for a moment.

While I am more lenient on my breakfast choice (a banana or shake will do), I insist upon a healthy start for the little guys. Driving them all around New England on weekends requires a few drive-thru meals that you eat in the car. My preference is for the kids to have something substantial, with a protein they enjoy. A breakfast sandwich is often the choice.

The perfect breakfast sandwich should follow three simple rules. It’s quick, both to order and make. It’s fresh (not a microwaved egg slab pulled out of plastic). Finally, it’s a balanced hand-held item that is not too heavy, processed or sugar-filled.

When trekking through interstates and unfamiliar towns at sunrise, it’s easy to settle upon the quickest Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, there are some other options that you (and I) should know about. These three New England restaurants ranking among the best breakfast sandwiches in the country.

Before we get into the list, it is necessary to give one other shout-out. The Portland, Oregon establishment named by Tasting Table has both the best restaurant and sandwich name. The “Yolko Ono” by Fried Egg I’m In Love.

  • Massachusetts - "Geno's Egg Sandwich"

    Sofra Bakery and Café in Cambridge, MA, is the first stop. Tasting Table calls out “Geno’s Egg Sandwich.” This is a brioche bun filled with egg topped with halloumi cheese, feta butter, tomato concasse, and spicy green cilantro.


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  • New Hampshire - "Egg Simit"

    Next, we hop on 95 North and pull into the Elephantine Bakery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Here the selected breakfast sandwich is called the “Egg Simit.” It’s the healthiest of the three choices based on pure ingredients. This sandwich consists of egg, hummus, beat pistachio spread, feta, and spinach on a sesame simit.

  • Maine - "The Breakfast Sandwich"

    I actually had a very hard time securing a quick bacon, egg, and cheese this past spring while in Maine for a lacrosse tournament. Now I know I need to go to a coffee shop next time. Tandem Coffee has something so good, it doesn’t even need a clever name. “The Breakfast Sandwich” is simply egg, American cheese, and smoked paprika. However, when you rest it upon a homemade buttermilk biscuit, you reach a new level.


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