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On Sunday, the NFL will play their first ever game in Germany as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host (?) the upstart Seattle Seahawks, and my wife and I should have been in attendance. 


This past summer, my good friend Jeff – who lives in Germany with his family – suggested that we make the trip over, as it would line up with the Patriots bye week, and more importantly, that we’d have a free place to stay which would make the trip more affordable. We thought it over, did some quick money math, and said “we’re in!” On the spot. All that was left to do was for my friend Jeff to procure tickets to the game when they went on sale.

And that’s when this plan all went to hell. 

The morning the tickets were available for purchase, Jeff texted me to say “I’m looking at 4 different computer screens, and I’m in queue. The shortest line ahead of me is 800,000 people.”

Eight hundred thousand? Huh? Surely that was a typo, right? Wrong.

As it turns out, not only did this game sell out within a couple of minutes (there were 75,024 tickets available) but the demand was beyond comprehension. According to Alexander Steinforth, head of NFL Germany, three million requests were processed.

“Ticketmaster told us afterwards that they could have sold around three million tickets. This level of demand — whether for sporting events or concerts — is usually only seen at the Super Bowl. So, this advance sale for the NFL’s German game has once again exceeded all expectations,” Steinforth told German news outlet ran.

Jeff, as it turned out, was only able to procure a single ticket, and the secondary market quickly proved to be outrageously expensive, so there would be no football themed Euro vacation for the Murray’s. 


So, instead of me being there and getting to enjoy the NFL festivities (of which the Patriots have an extremely large presence, so don’t be surprised when they have a game there in the next few years) enjoy some of the scenes of beer-fueled pre-gaming (two days early, mind you) from my pal Jeffrey Holt in Munich, Germany.