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Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal joined Felger and Mazz on Tuesday and when the topic of Trent Brown came up, Bedard had an interesting thing to say about Brown.



Felger: Mike Reiss tweeted this, it’s like his emptying out the notebook after that preseason game last Friday. He writes, “There was no Kendrick Bourne, which we all knew, and Trent Brown in the lineup. And when Belichick made reference to them being available for this week’s practices in Vegas, the message couldn’t have been any clearer to me…practice better and you earn your way on the field. Bourne was not ready to go last Tuesday, a referee yanked him from a drill for a safety equipment issue, and Belichick wasn’t pleased. Then Bourne got himself tossed from practice for running across the field, joining a fight already in progress and throwing a punch.” We already knew that. Here’s what we may not have realized. He said, “And Trent Brown’s urgency seemed inconsistent at times, particularly in the two minute drill. In the words of former Belichick aide Michael Lombardi, “you’re either coaching it or allowing it to happen”. The Patriots need both Bourne and Trent Brown, and now I’ll be watching to see how they respond.” So now, Greg, we have an issue with Trent Brown?

Greg Bedard: Yes, you do. And apparently, from what I’ve heard, that he was called out a bit in a team meeting for some of these actions. And, you know, it’s hard to tell with Trent because he’s so big and he kind of does things at his own pace. But there’s certainly been times in training camp that I’ve noted, like, man, it sure takes him a while, to like, even today they went out there for a drill and the rest of the offensive linemen are trotting out there, and then there’s Trent Brown walking his way out there and it’s, you know, they let him do some of that stuff. So it’s hard to tell how much, you know, is really a concern. But apparently there’s a lot going on behind the scenes again with Trent Brown. And this has to be a huge worry and it could be something that affects, you know, do you even risk trading, Isaiah Wynn, if you know Trent Brown is well, let’s call it, he quit on the Raiders and you never know what you’re going to get out of him. There were people who questioned how much he cared at the end of last year. And so, you know, look, I think there are a lot of issues like this on this offense. And it’s and it’s coming out on the field. I mean, you’d be an idiot not to say otherwise.