Boston Celtics

The Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson and Milwaukee Bucks’ Pat Connaughton discussed locker rooms on Duncan Robinson’s podcast recently. When asked who has the worst visitor locker room in the NBA, both of them cited … the Boston Celtics.

“The Boston Celtics locker room is the worst visitors locker room in the entire NBA,” Connaughton said. “With it being Boston and two guys from the New England area which Boston was our team growing up, it’s got to be on purpose.”

“It is also freezing in that arena, so cold,” Robinson said.

Both players cited how it didn’t affect their basketball performance, but there were multiple problems. Unusable ice baths, broken shower heads in run-down showers, and tiny lockers, along with other concerns, leads both players to think that it’s the consensus worst in the NBA.

“If you walked in and said this is a high school locker room, I would say that’s a really [expletive] high school locker room,” Robinson said.

Not to mention, the court itself has its own concerns.

“How about the Boston Celtics floor that has the bolts,” Connaughton said. “There’s still space in between [the wooden panels on the court]. They have bolts in it that are covered with like silicon or whatever that stuff is called. Dried glue on top of [the bolts], it’s bizarre.”

Both players also said this doesn’t impact their on-court performance. Each faced the Celtics in a seven-game series this postseason, so they both have the poor quality of Boston’s court fresh on their minds.