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Matt Cardona joined James Stewart and Mike Riley to talk about his upcoming show at Kowloon on August 20th, being live at Ric Flair’s last match, working with different promotions and what if, WWE called him about coming back.


Matt Cardona: Triple H is calling everybody back. Supposedly, if he called me back, of course I’d have the conversation. But I don’t know if I’d go back (to WWE).

James Stewart: Interesting. Interesting.

Matt Cardona: No, no, I did. Of course, like, never say never. But I mean, my schedule now is pretty great. I’m making a lot of money and I’m having a lot of fun. So it’s hard to trade that in for just to be a name on a roster. I already did that.

James Stewart: So, Matt, Triple H calls. What’s the sales pitch that you would want to hear from him to get Matt Cardona or Zack Ryder back into WWE?

Matt Cardona: I mean, listen, there’s no guarantees in wrestling, right? You could you could promise somebody the world. Until it actually happens, it doesn’t happen. I will say one non-negotiable is that the podcast and all its brands and entities would have to be carved into the contract, like untouchable. Like, there’s no way I’d ever stop doing this stuff because my passion, it’s so much fun. We took a chance when no one else wanted us to do this, and it’s making us a lot of money, and we’re having a lot of fun doing it. And it’s it’s my passion. I love it. And there’s no way I could ever stop doing that.

James Stewart: And so, Matt, there is precedent for this because Bruce Prichard, as far as we know, is still part of the creative process and otherwise. He still has his podcast, even though he doesn’t show up for it. He still has it.

Matt Cardona: Right. Yeah. I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, never say never. Listen, even these past two weeks in WWE with the the random read debuts, it’s been interesting. This is what the fans have been have been missing for a long time. I think we’re living in this awesome time to be a wrestling fan.