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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 18: Mac Jones #10 of the New England Patriots celebrates with David Andrews #60 of the New England Patriots after a touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons in the second quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on November 18, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

As the days go by in Patriots training camp, it seems like things are getting worse and worse for the offense. So on Tuesday’s Felger and Mazz program it made the guys wonder….do the Patriots have a buy-in problem?


Felger: Bedard looked at it and said, Mac Jones jaked it. Girardi looked at it and said, Kendrick Bourne, they both jaked it.

Mazz: Right. Exactly. So who is pissed and why?

Felger: Right.

Mazz: So and again, if Bourne has had a bad camp, does that surprise you?

Felger: Yes.

Mazz: Me too. Me too. Kendrick Bourne is a guy that I thought was really starting to turn a corner last year. I think he’s their best all around receiver. I think in terms of the versatility of him, the playmaking ability, all of it. We’ve heard almost nothing about Kendrick Bourne this camp. Been very, very little. Now Girardi says he’s having a bad camp. Why? What’s up his ass? What’s his problem? Is he pissed off that Devante Parker’s here? Is that what it is? Or, you know, he’s not going to have this prominent role now or what? What’s going on? So if there are other elements like that affecting the product, well, then I can understand why David Andrews is blowing a gasket.

Felger: So, David Andrews then responds today. Gets into a fight with Christian Barmore, there was a fight today at camp, which I think we would all say that’s probably a good sign.

Mazz: Definitely.

Felger: You know, someone’s waking up, someone’s forcing the issue, creating a little bit of urgency, whatever the case may be. I think that’s probably a good sign that there was a fight today. But, you know, make no mistake, folks, this is not Felger and Mazz making it up, or we’re just relying on the reports that are down there. And you read about how the players are reacting. You know, that’s what I’m sort of focusing on today. How are the players reacting? And do we have to start worrying about buy-in? Do we have to start worrying about buy-in on a Bill Belichick team Mazz?

Mazz: Yes.

Felger: Yes. Yes.

Mazz: Yes, of course you do. This has been my…I have felt this way since Brady left. I thought Brady was Bill’s vehicle for buy-in. No matter what Bill said, it was always because Brady bought in, everyone else had to buy-in, let alone with Brady’s greatness. Let me throw another one at you here. And it relates to Brady in some capacity. Why is David Andrews addressing the team? And I know he’s, I know he’s a captain. He’s a senior guy. I get it. I get it. Shouldn’t it be Mac Jones? Shouldn’t Mac Jones be saying, “guys get your heads out of your asses?”

Felger: What if Mac Jones is one of the guys that needs to be talked to?

Mazz: Okay, so then maybe that’s that’s fair. That’s fair. And again, you know, I’m not saying, I’m not saying it shouldn’t be Andrews because Andrews has got some status on this team now, he’s been around a while. Veteran guy, leader, all those things. But Jones is the quarterback. If the offense is going sideways, Jones should be the one getting in people’s faces. That’s how I prefer to see it. Now again, I’m not telling you it can’t be Andrews like he’s another guy. Sure. But why isn’t where’s the quarterback on that one?

Felger: Okay. So I’m curious about buy-in. I’m curious about adversity that they’ve given themselves early on and overcoming it and how, I think that’s been a hallmark of this Patriots team over the years. And does it still apply? Does it still apply the way that it used to?