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HOUSTON, TEXAS - AUGUST 01: Manager Alex Cora #13 of the Boston Red Sox looks on from the dugout against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on August 01, 2022 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Though the Red Sox have struggled during the 2022 season, many have been reluctant to give manager Alex Cora a portion of the blame for the struggles. On Friday’s Felger and Mazz program, Jim Murray finally caved and gave a piece of the blame pie to Cora.


Jim Murray: For those of you that do still care and you watched this last night, I think you now have someone else to be pissed at for this team losing games besides the dork GM and mouthy a-hole players like Jarren Duran who stink. And that’s your manager. Alex Cora lost them that game last night. They crawl back into it. It was only a one run game, but the seventh inning, it’s tied. And who’s warming up? It’s Darwinzon Hernandez, who has good stuff, but if you’ve ever watched 5 seconds of watching that guy pitch, he can’t find the plate. And Garrett Whitlock, who’s their weapon?

Who do you think would come in there if, I don’t know, your manager had like a pulse for the team right now while they’re taking on water? You know, they had the three game winning streak. They lose that game in Houston. And something else Mazz pointed out in that game also I think proves my point here, that Alex Cora is kind of like out to lunch. He brings in Hernandez and what do you think happens? They get their faces ripped off and the game’s over like that, when you should have brought in Whitlock. They lost last night because of the managers decision. And going back to that getaway game in Houston, did you see the thing with the four strike sequence? Yordan Alvarez, I think they were down 4-0 at the time? 3-0? It’s the third inning. Bottom of the third, Yordan Alvarez, it’s a 1-1 count, he fouls one off, and then takes a strike. It’s strike three. No one’s paying attention. Alvarez knows he gets away with it, stays in the box, he ends up grounding out. but your manager, who’s usually dialed in, and Mazz mentioned this yesterday, it’s a good point, like Cora’s usually on top of these kind of things, nothing. Didn’t pop off. Out to lunch.

So the Red Sox, who stink and don’t have a path if you have any kind of, if you as a fan like are half paying attention and have any comment and says, “well, there’s a way they’re mathematically still in it, i’m rooting for them.” We we all know Mike usually sitting here trying to make a case for them. They stink. They’re not going to make the playoffs. Seattle’s not going away. Tampa is not going away. Toronto’s not going away. There’s better teams than them. They stink. They stink, they stink, they stink.. And now one of the reasons that they’re losing games is a guy that I thought was an attribute for them. Their manager. Alex Cora lost them that game yesterday and he was asleep at the wheel in Houston in that last game too.