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Jul 5, 2022; San Diego, California, USA; San Diego Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer (30) looks on during the second inning against the Seattle Mariners at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox acquired first baseman, Eric Hosmer, from the San Diego Padres on Tuesday afternoon. Tony Massarotti gave his thoughts on the breaking news during Tuesday’s Felger and Mazz program.


Mazz: I’m surprised. I’m surprised. So he’s a $20 million player. He has an opt-in at the end of this season. So he could stay here for 13 million, I say. He has an opt out, but, we’ll see what happens, whether we like to go on the market or not. I’m surprised. I didn’t think they’d make this kind of move. Hosmer can defend. But again, like so now what? A year and four months into the season, they decide to get a first baseman. And what? Acknowledge that the whole time before they didn’t have one. So what now what is this? Trying to stop the bleeding? Is that what this is now? You’re trying to stop the bleeding.

Felger: I mean, you tell me Mazz, is he still I mean, he was great in Kansas City, you know, a big part of those World Series teams, right? I mean, .270 this year .269, .270 last year .287 the year before in San Diego played 151 games last year is played 90 this year. It feels like he’s an everyday first baseman who hits .270.

Mazz: Yeah, correct. I mean, he’s not the player he used to be, but I mean, defensively, he’s way better than what they’ve had. Way, way, way better. OK. And let’s face it, offensively, he’s better than what they’ve had because offensively they’ve been ranked near the bottom of the league in production at first base, at least his numbers are something close to what you would call average. The OPS is what, .727 or something? Right. So, you know, and for first base, that might be low relatively. I’d have to look at the league averages. But even so, they were you know, they were in the sixes, I think low sixes. So they got an improvement there. First base, I’m surprised.

Felger: Mazz, a massive improvement over what they have right now.

Mazz: Yeah, it is. No question.

Felger: It’s massive.

Mazz: Yes, enormous. But only because what they’ve had out there has sucked. So this is the part I don’t get. It’s becoming apparent to you now that you need a first baseman? I’m sorry. I reached the point where. What because you heard people yelling that you needed a first baseman, now you decided to go get one? Someone had to tell you need a first baseman.

Felger: Yes. And this is what I’ve been saying to you about why I’d be stunned if they sold sold at the deadline or really let Bogaert’s and Devers walk. They want to win their hearts, but they are reactive to their market and to their to their fan base. And, yes, I feel that they felt they’ve they have to do these things to save face. So thank God for the pressure that you put on them out there and we put out them because they do respond to it.

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