Boston Red Sox

BOSTON, MA - JULY 27: Franchy Cordero #16 of the Boston Red Sox reacts after his third error of the night in the eighth inning against the Cleveland Guardians at Fenway Park on July 27, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Franchy Cordero made three errors at first base in the Red Sox’ 7-6 loss to the Cleveland Guardians at Fenway Park on Wednesday night. On Thursday’s Felger and Mazz program, Tony Massarotti voiced his displeasure with the Red Sox and their decisions at first base.


Tony Mazz: This is just a personal rant of mine…For every jackass out there who thinks you can stick a beanbag at first base. You can’t. You got to have some defensive skill at that position. It’s an important position because it can undermine every other position in the infield. If the guy can’t convert the ball into outs, catching it or throwing it, and more often than not, it’s catching, OK, let’s face it, first baseman don’t get many assists.

Last night it completely torched them. But the idea that first base is just you can stick any jackass at first base is so wrong. It isn’t funny. And to make it worse, the Red Sox did it again. So I said last week that the move that hurt them the most was taking Whitlock out of the bullpen. And I still believe that.

But the most insulting thing that they have done as an organization in the last two years is to put someone at first base who can’t play the position. It’s a freaking joke what is going on at first base and what has gone on for two effing years.

Jim Murray: It’s a hodgepodge of guys that are terrified of the ball, like it coming to them and God forbid they have to make a play because it’s a screw-up waiting to happen, let alone how they suck at the plate, too.

Tony Mazz: Murray, you couldn’t be more right. It is a classic, classic small market, low budget kind of move. That is the one spot where you look at it and you say, well, we can cut on the defensive first base, so we’ll lose you know, we’ll save some money there. We’ll get some offense at the position, but that’s a spot we’re going to save.

They identified, they couldn’t even do that right. So if you’re going to save on first base, typically you’ve got a guy who can hit but can’t field or at least hit some home runs. They’ve got nothing out of that position. They have been the worst in baseball at first base, basically, offensively and defensively, since the start of last season. It has been a train wreck at first base.