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Jun 8, 2022; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) passes the ball during the New England Patriots minicamp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports



Phil Perry covers the New England Patriots on NBC Sports Boston and joins Toucher & Rich to share his thoughts on the first day of Patriots Training Camp, Mac Jones, the Patriots coaching staff and much more!

FRED: Your colleague Tom Curran, is just fed up with the whole offensive-defensive coordinator thing. He almost thinks it’s an exercise to make us in the media and especially you guys who have to ask Bill questions look like idiots. Have you grown as frustrated as he has in, do you think it’s a legitimate question? I hear some people questioning why Patriot fans should care if there is offensive and defensive coordinator roles.

PHIL PERRY: I don’t know if I’ve just grown so accustomed to it over the years looking and feeling like an idiot at times that it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. But no, it’s of course a legitimate question. I think Tom’s thing is we’re going to find out eventually, right? We have practices starting today. We’re going to see what’s going on at some point here in the very near future. They’re going to have to make it plainly obvious to anyone in attendance at these training camp practices who’s calling the plays, who’s relaying the stuff in to Mac Jones before he goes into a huddle. So,  the the exercise of asking, Bill I understand that’s that’s an exercise in futility, but it is an important question. I think the season rides on it in some ways because I think the season rides on Mac Jones. And if his growth is at all stunted because of what’s going on, on the coaching staff or if he regresses at all, that to me is an ultimate failure.

And in a situation that I think. Probably could have been avoided given some of the other options out there, some of the options on their own staff, even potentially. And so that to me is why it’s it’s such a big deal. Now, I do think Mac Jones, like the stuff you’ve heard coming out of the break there from Bill Belichick. I think he believes that the team raves about the guy on the record, off the record, behind the scenes at the podium. And I think he will be an improved quarterback. But if this thing somehow completely flops, the questions are, of course, valid.

FRED: Why, in your opinion, is he doing it? We’ve heard the theory so they don’t have to, the coordinators have to talk to the media, they don’t have to talk to the media as much. Is it a financial thing? Is it a ego thing with Bill? What in your opinion? Because everyone is, you know, spitballing here unless you know something we don’t. What is your take on why he won’t do what every other team does?

PHIL PERRY: Well, I think there are elements of all of those things. But I do think, you know what he’s done in the past applies here in some ways in that he wants a quote unquote one voice kind of approach. And if it’s your first year in the de facto coordinator role, usually you don’t get the title. If you’re Bill O’Brien or Josh McDaniels or Matt Patricia or Brian Flores, we’ve seen it many, many times over the years. The one obvious massive difference in this situation is that whoever the de facto offensive coordinator is has barely had any offensive coaching experience, period. At the NFL level. That was not the case with all those other guys that I just mentioned. So this isn’t that unusual in terms of naming the coordinator and explicitly telling us who’s going to be calling the plays on Sundays. It’s the guys that are in those roles that makes this so different.


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