New England Patriots

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Zolak & Bertrand were joined by Patriots LB Matthew Judon on the first day of training camp, and he gave some insight into his leadership role in year two with New England.

Beetle: Do you feel different being in your second camp and within the defense, do you feel like now that you’ve established yourself here for a year, you can, I don’t know, take on a bigger voice or just be one of the guys that can help younger players more now that you’ve you’ve been here and seen it for a year?

Matthew Judon: Yeah, I think I would just be everything that somebody need, you know, it’d be some days that you ain’t trying to hear from nobody. And I’m not going to force my opinions or my voice on other people. But when some people need a kick in the pants or be told, like, this is how we do so, I’mma do that, I’m just going to be upfront and honest with everybody, and forthright with everybody. Like we’re here. We’re here to win games. And we don’t, we actually don’t have a lot of time, right. Our first game right around the corner, a preseason game in three weeks, and we don’t have a lot of time for a lot of messing around and a lot of jaw. We got to come here, work every day and get better. So every critique that a coach gave you or every lift or every after count training that you’re doing on your own, everything is important. And so whatever I’m needed to be, that’s who I’mma be.”

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