Boston Red Sox

Jun 29, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers (11) sets to bat against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

As the MLB Trade deadline approaches, some believe the Boston Red Sox should be sellers. However, on Wednesday’s Felger and Mazz program, Mike Felger made it known that he doesn’t believe the Red Sox should be sellers at the deadline.


Felger: Cam’s in Taunton. I know he also disagrees with me. Go ahead, Cam.

Cam In Taunton: Mike, I’m going to say something, and I don’t mean this negative. You have a massive denial problem, Mike. Like, why can you never just accept it when a team isn’t going anywhere? You’re doing the same crap you did with the 2020 Patriots and the end of the Claude Bruins. And they’re saying, you know what? This isn’t our year. This isn’t our time. Let’s sell out some pieces and get ready for it. No. You want to go in and say you just want a baseball season. Like you just wanted a hockey season and you just wanted a football season. Why can you never accept when a team isn’t going anywhere? Mike, they’re in last place. They suck. They’re going nowhere.

Felger: Okay. They might be, but, and I don’t like them either right now. But I might be wrong. I’ve been wrong before, but I am consistent, Cam. I don’t give up on seasons. Unless.

Mazz: Unless it’s painfully obvious.

Felger: Unless, you know, look, when the Celts were at the bottom of the league in Brad Stevens’ first year, I think it was his first year, we did tank-a-palooza. We you know, we were out here dancing every other day to tank-a-palooza. We had songs and theme music and we were I was fully in tank mode. When you’re at the bottom of the league, you’re at the bottom of the league. The Sox are not at the bottom of the league, and neither were the Patriots in 2020 and neither were the Bruins. They were all on the playoff line. And I’m sorry, I just think when you’re a big market team and a good team, when you’re in that position, you always try and win. Unless it’s painfully obvious, like the one Celtics year or the couple Celtics year we’ve had the year Pierce got plantar fasciitis and shut it down yup for them to get the that wasn’t the freakin Duncan year was it?

Mazz: I think it was.

Felger: You know or the Brad Stevens’ first year where they really weren’t really trying and you know they got a draft pick or the Bruins ultimately gave up in the late nineties and got Joe Thornton like so there’s times to do it. I just don’t think the Red Sox are here. They’re not there. They’re at worst in the middle of the pack and oh by the way, teams out of the middle of the pack win World Series now, in this day and age. Not that I’m predicting it, but at least I’m consistent. I don’t sell.