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Cody from Maine called into Felger and Mazz on Friday and his phone crapped out during the take. Jim Murray, Adam Jones, and Christian Arcand had some fun with Maine afterward.


Jim Murray: Cody in Maine. This says living in Maine versus Massachusetts. Now, these are the kind of calls I want hear on an agenda for you Friday. Go ahead, Cody.

Cody in Maine: Hello?

Jim Murray: Yeah, go ahead, Cody.

Cody in Maine: Hey. Hey…….*phone craps out*

Jim Murray: Leave it to a caller from Maine to to want to make a point. Call up about random nonsense on Agenda Free Friday, which is what I’m personally looking for. And then he puts a pillow in front of his face before he makes the phone call. Jesus. Every time you get a call from Maine, there’s something up here. Yeah.

Adam Jones: It’s one of those big. What do you call, like, those Davy Crockett hats?

Christian Arcand: Racoon skin caps?

Jim Murray: Yeah, like.

Adam Jones: Like the like the tail got wrapped around, that is. I got the got the tail of a coonskin cap, my mouth agape. Now. Yep. Got in the way of. They all they all telephone. Yep. It’s called in on a on a can and can and string. Yeah.

Jim Murray: When I tell you it’s about a living up here down the summer. That’s what I wanted to say. Versus against the Massachusetts there.

Adam Jones: Yeah. Head down big city way. Worst is in the fall when you get all the leaf peoples up here. Yeah.