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During the Wednesday edition of Zolak & Bertrand, the guys hammer the MLB All-Star Game and question what’s the point of it at this point in time.


Beetle: How boring of an event is that. Compared to the night before, I told you yesterday this was going to happen. I said nothing you’re going to see tonight will even come close to giving you the excitement and the pace and the access to players and the fun of night one of the home run derby. Night two, that was boring last night. I tuned out, it got 3-2, I said I’m out. That’s it. I’ve had enough of this.

And then I watched probably 45 minutes of pre-game coverage for the All-Star Game, and I’m going to tell you that the 45 minutes of pregame coverage with Ortiz and Frank Thomas and A-Rod was better than anything that actually happened in the game. Those guys were more fun to listen to than the watching the game itself.

The game is dreadful. It’s been that way for a number of years now and it doesn’t help when they treat it the way they treat it on TV. Which is last night you had Joe Davis, who is the new Joe Buck for Fox. Joe Buck is gone. First All-Star Game in forever that didn’t have Joe Buck doing it.

It’s Joe Davis who is a top notch play-by-play guy. And if the game had any actual meaning to it, I would want Joe Davis on the call. If it were a playoff game or an ALCS game, you’d want Joe Davis on the call. No doubt about it. The World Series, sure. But for the All-Star Game, you’ve got Joe Davis and John Smoltz, who also is a smart, intelligent baseball guy who can provide great analysis of games that have meaning. Last night’s game had zero meaning. It’s supposed to be really fun. And you got two guys that are super serious and not fun.

Zo: Should have like a Matt Vasgersian on the call or something like that where they combo it with somebody that could inject a little fun into it because you’re going to need that back and forth.

Beetle: How about the introductions? Could you have been any more boring?

Zo: Jazz it up man, you’re in LA. The most exciting part of the night was Mookie Betts taking the mic at home plate.

Beetle: The presentation of the game is too boring and it’s too dry, and it is in stark contrast to what happened the night before. And so I think baseball has a problem with this game. They do. What are they trying to achieve with this game now?

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