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BUFFALO, NY - JUNE 25: Boston Bruins General manager Don Sweeney speaks to the media during the 2016 NHL Draft on June 25, 2016 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Jen Fuller/Getty Images)

Lucas in Maine and Rob in Waltham provided one of the better caller sequences in recent memory on Felger & Mazz on Wendesday.



Felger: Lucas in Maine with a thought. I think he was on yesterday with this question, did you make it on Lucas or do you drop? Either way, go ahead on the Patriots. I think the same thing happened yesterday. Lucas, unmute your phone. Day two. We’re not going to give you day three. His comment line. We did this yesterday. Lucas, Are you there? Yes. Go.

Lucas in Maine: Oh, my God. So, so sorry. Okay. So, yeah. Monday I had Covid brain called about Jay Groome and thought that was a great idea and that was stupid. Yesterday on hold, I fell asleep while on hold, which is my bad. But, you know, what are you going to do? But yeah, I had the comment line.

Felger: And Lucas what happened today?

Lucas in Maine: I’m here. I’m good to go.

Felger: Okay. Okay. Go then. Go.

Jim Murray: What it means to be from Maine.

Lucas in Maine: Yeah. So, honestly, I was just. Okay, so it’s a long winded question.

Felger: We don’t take those, make it short. Just give you now. 10 seconds left. Go.

Lucas in Maine: Oh, 10 seconds. That’s legit. Okay. Um, so Mac Jones, you know, and it’s year five. If he’s playing anything like Joe Burrow and if you’re two or three, do you give him the same money that you would give? I don’t know Dak Prescott or hopefully not. But like Bill, Belichick’s not going to pay him good money because I don’t even know what Brady’s biggest contract was from Bill.

Felger: Lucas, I’m going to let you go because you actually gave me something there. You gave me something there.

Felger: Rob in Waltham on the B’s. Go ahead, Rob.

Rob in Waltham:: Well, let me start off by saying, as a true Bruins fan, I’ll put up five grand and I’ll fight Sweeney right now if you think you can kick my ass. How’s that. Okay. Number one. Number two, he’s given up all our assets for these cockamamie just stupid trades like Rick Nash.

Felger: This guy, I think, probably could take on Sweeney. That guy felt like he goes about 325.

Jim Murray: I’ll pay five grand.

Mazz: And fight him right now. That’s an all timer. That is a great one. Holy crap. And my money’s on him. The guy playing blackjack. I’d like to double his bet please.