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Jul 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Lebron James attends the NBA Summer League game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns at T&M. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

During Tuesday’s Zolak & Bertrand Show , Beetle responded to Kendrick Perkins backing-up LeBron James’ comments about the city of Boston being racist.


“So Kendrick Perkins, who has played in every NBA market, he has been on multiple teams himself and has been in multiple home markets in this league. He looks at Boston as having a crowd that is too damn disrespectful and so, Hardy, maybe just our sheer nastiness in this town has been interpreted by some as, “oh, they’re so especially nasty to me here because they’re racist. That maybe it’s not racist commentary, but it’s oh, they go above and beyond here. These guys are crazy in this market, and it’s driven by their hatred of me.”

And so I just can’t believe that the Celtics crowd is considered a nasty crowd. And we accused that crowd in this market routinely of being a soft crowd. That doesn’t get angry enough, that doesn’t get mad at the team enough, that doesn’t get loud at home, right?  They always create a good atmosphere in terms of the noise. It’s a great, great home court. We’re always like, “oh, yeah, why don’t you put your cell phone away?”  

 I mean, the accusation of showing up in a suit after getting out of work downtown, like with Celtics fans. The Celtics fans are the wild west of NBA fans. Who knew?! Did anyone know this? Did anyone know that this was the harsh place to go in the league? That people look at Boston and say, “oh, they will cross all the lines. They will talk about Delonte West shacking up with LeBron’s mom. No problem. That’s fair game. We’ll put on a T-shirt that says F-you LeBron.”

And he’s not getting that in other markets. That doesn’t happen in Madison Square Garden. That doesn’t happen in Oklahoma City. That’s not happening in Miami. When we go play the Heat, it’s only those crazies in Boston that go to these lengths to get on the opposing crowds. What a soft league. What’s wrong with you guys?!


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