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Jul 12, 2022; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale (41) throws a pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays in the fifth inning at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

To start the Zolak & Bertrand show Monday morning, Scott Zolak had a bone to pick with Red Sox ace Chris Sale after his most recent press conference. Listen below for the full rant, and check out the full transcript.

Full Transcript

Scott Zolak: Here we go with Chris Sale again. And my problem with him is the post-game that the crap in the post game where, you know, I got a lot of people, you know, rooting for me and I just got to remember it’s a broken pinky and it’s a lot of other things that are,  No, because I’m you know, I’m so keyed in on Mr. Worcester, who just wants to destroy TVs as a supreme badass. So let’s go to Mr. Woe is me last night. All right, here’s Chris Sale.

Chris Sale: Sometimes you think, why me? Right? Two things I know for a fact. Right now I have a lot of love in my corner. A lot of people that care about me and want me to succeed. And somebody somewhere is having a worst day than I am right now. And that’s a fact. And the competitive side of me doesn’t really want to accept that, but the person in me knows that. And if I want to sit here and cry about a broken finger and, you know, boo hoo for me, I could do it. That’s just not fair to everyone in here and it’s not fair to people in the world, honestly. It’s like I said, there’s a lot more people out there are worse off than I am right now. And I got to deal with what comes and put one foot in front of the other and get back to pitching.

Marc Bertrand: Why do you make an issue with that?

Scott Zolak: He gives a good mic. No, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, he is accountable. He faces that. He faces the press. It’s just that it’s getting old. It’s four years. The guy struggles to make starts, freaks out last week in Worcester, and now all of a sudden remind me who’s rooting against him, who’s not in his corner? You’re the freaking $30 million ace of the Red Sox. Everybody is rooting for you. And then when you’re the number one guy.

Marc Bertrand: I thought that’s what he said.

Scott Zolak: He said you guys had a lot of I got a lot of people in my corner and a lot of people to root for me. Like, who’s not rooting for you? Well, hearing things like are you hearing things? He said the complete opposite of what you were saying he’s playing against again. He’s got everybody in his corner with.

Chris Sale: A lot of love in my corner, a lot of people that care about me and want me to succeed.

Scott Zolak: Usually you say that when you think you don’t. That’s my point. Oh, well, now are you going to do to be doing what he said? It’s like it’s like I’ve heard this from athletes. Athletes do this when you – I don’t all think I got a lot of people behind me that’s going to make me feel better tonight. I could do one or the other when you kind of do it without doing it. This guy is supposed to be ready to go. He’s supposed to be your ace. He broke his back, coming in, throwing the ball. It’s always something with this guy.