Boston Bruins

In the least surprising news of all time for Bruins fans, former head coach Bruce Cassidy is already drawing interest from other teams.

Because when you become just the third coach in NHL history to go six straight years with a .650 point percentage, you become pretty valuable on the open market. That’s what Bruins GM Don Sweeney has done here. It’s not an understatement to suggest that Cassidy’s sudden firing has disrupted the entire coaching carousel across the NHL.

Cassidy confirmed with local reporters in a Zoom conference on Thursday that he’s already spoken to multiple teams about their head coach openings. There is no shortage of jobs right now. The Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings, Winnipeg Jets, and Chicago Blackhawks were already in the market for a new head coach before the Bruins joined the list.

Via Ty Anderson, when asked if he’d keep coaching if a team came calling, Cassidy said, “Absolutely. This is what I do.” Cassidy later added: “I wanna get back to work. Hopefully it’s a really good fit for both sides.”

The details that Cassidy shared about his firing have only made this look worse for Sweeney and the Bruins. Cassidy said the team told him in May that he’d coach into the 2022-23 season, which would’ve been the final year of his contract. Sweeney then took three weeks to think about it, then asked Cassidy if he could meet him at his home, which is where Sweeney told him he’s out.

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Much might be said of Sweeney going to Cassidy’s house to fire him, but the real mistake was telling him his job was safe. Once you reverse course so wildly in a short time, there’s no good way to break that news.

That doesn’t change the fact that Sweeney fired a head coach who had accomplished something over the past six years that only Scotty Bowman and Glen Sather had done before. Head coach firings tend to be either obvious or shocking. Cassidy leans more toward shocking.

Ty Anderson and I agreed that the Golden Knights would be the most exciting landing spot for Cassidy, as we discussed the news in the newest episode of the Sports Hub Underground. You can listen above for the full podcast, and keep reading below for a list of the Bruins’ most likely head coach candidates.