Jones' other close confidant from last season, former offensive coordinator and now Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, also spoke about the importance of that relationship. "Brian is just a great sounding board," McDaniels said in November. "Brian he knows when to say something to Mac and he knows when there’s nothing to be said. I think you can only do that if you have wisdom, which Brian certainly does from the years that he’s played in the league. He’s got great experience that Mac has definitely gained from." As for Hoyer himself, he said during the season he's enjoyed the role of working with Jones and helping with his development. "It’s been great. First, the thing you notice about Mac and everybody sees it is he’s a very mature 23-year-old. It’s been great," Hoyer said in October. "The thing I have been so impressed with him is he’s constantly trying to learn, constantly trying to get better — no matter what the situation. Whether it’s after a game, in a practice and you can see the wheels are always turning. He’s always thinking what can he do better, how can he do it better. I think him being as mature as he is, he’s done that pretty quickly. This is my 13th year, there’s always room to improve, so for him he’s always looking where he can improve, asks great questions, takes a lot of great notes. He’s done a great job." "For me, it’s a pleasure first and foremost to be part of this team and organization," Hoyer continued. "I love the guys in that locker room, but to take on this role in my 13th year with the knowledge I have accumulated over the years in this offense, I am always trying to point something out, or he has a question, that’s part of my job. So, it’s always great to see him continue to progress and continue getting better."