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Hockey players have been getting “extra-crispy,” as David Pastrnak once said, with reporters lately. Matt Dolloff & Ty Anderson discuss that, plus the Bruins and more on this week’s Sports Hub Underground podcast.

The full rundown…

(00:00) The Bruins lost for the first time on their west coast road trip, and Jake DeBrusk continues to ask for a trade. Have the circumstances changed?

(25:37) NHL players have been chirping back at reporters they don’t like more often than usual, often leading to hilarious results. The guys delve into this recent phenomenon.

(49:47) Major League Baseball may actually institute what’s being called a “pitch timer” in order to speed up games – we hope.

(53:28) The guys draft their “Big 3” Batman movies, as if they could only watch their selections for the rest of their lives.

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