New England Patriots

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is becoming a favorite spot for the Patriots. It’s where they won Super Bowl LIII over the Los Angeles Rams, and they’re now 2-0 in that building after shutting out the Atlanta Falcons 25-0 on “Thursday Night Football.”

Watch above to see what the win looked like behind the scenes, as the Patriots piled into the locker room. Owner Robert Kraft was there waiting to greet them, as he usually is. The Patriots’ longtime leaders congratulate each other, along with the new faces that have helped the Pats surge to a 7-4 record announce to the rest of the league, terrifyingly, that they are back.

And the scary part is that head coach Bill Belichick still doesn’t sound satisfied with how his team looks.

“Good job, men, short week, good result … and we can play better,” Belichick says in the locker room video. He later gives props to Devin McCourty for making his 30th career interception, and to Matthew Slater for playing in his 200th career NFL game. The latter, especially, is quite the accomplishment for a former fifth-round pick who plays almost exclusively on special teams.

“Fellas, that’s a hell of a job tonight, man,” Slater began in his customary post-win speech. “It’s never easy on a short week to come in and play the type of game that we played tonight. It wasn’t perfect, but it was dominant in the end, so we did our job.”

Here’s the part that should frighten the rest of the league and people who irrationally hate the Patriots: “And we ain’t getting ready to let our foot off the gas. We ain’t getting ready to let our foot off the gas. Hey, I’ll tell you what, though. I think we like coming down to this A-T-L. But until next time, upward and onward we go. How do we feel about being 7-4?”

In New England, it’s feeling more and more like the days of vast real estate holdings in other people’s heads. Their property is growing with each passing win, and each passing locker room celebration. Soak it in.

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