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It’s been a few years since a Patriots quarterback drew the ire of football fans across the country. This week though, it’s felt like the good ol’ days.

Patriots QB Mac Jones has been in the spotlight this week not for his performance against the Panthers in a 24-6 win on Sunday, but a particular play. After being strip sacked by Panthers defensive end Brian Burns, Jones grabbed Burns’ ankle as he was lying on the ground. Jones claims he thought Burns had picked up the fumble, while after the game members of the Panthers have claimed it was a dirty play with Jones intending to injure the star pass rusher. The league is reportedly reviewing the play and Jones could face a potential fine.

On Wednesday Burns spoke about the play for the first time, and he didn’t hold back.

“Watching the replay and watching all the angles and everything that they got, I think it’s some bull,” he told reporters in Carolina “For him to take his legs – because my main thing is that he took his legs and he swept the one leg I had up. I think it’s some bull.”

“Even if you thought I had the ball, it’s not legal to trip somebody or to leg sweep somebody, let alone twist ankles, or whatever, Burns continued. “Everybody else ran past us. If I had the ball, don’t you think I’d be getting tackled? Or your teammate would help? So I don’t think it’s cool, but it’s whatever.”

Asked if he’d heard from Jones regarding the play, Burns said “It would be nice to have an apology. But I mean, it’s not gonna happen. And however the NFL handles it is on them,” Burns before including at shot at Jones and the Patriots. “I would just like to play them again. And I wish all my fellow D-end brothers happy hunting. And that’s all.”

‘Happy hunting?’ Given the way the NFL has prioritized player safety – especially among quarterbacks – that’s an ominous line that could catch the attention of the league office in New York. Even three days later it appears that Burns – who returned to the game after the play in question – still can’t get Jones out of his head.

As for Jones, he didn’t have much to add Wednesday afternoon when asked about Burns. “I already addressed that situation,” Jones replied. “I’m just looking forward to playing this game with the guys that we have on our team, so we’re already kind of moving forward and ready to play this week.”

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