New England Patriots

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With the NFL Draft now less than 48 hours away, and five mock drafts behind us, it’s time to change things up. It’s tough to know what exactly to call this, whether its a pick-specific big board, an expanded mock draft, or something in between.

Basically, the concept here is to take a look at who the best fits on the board will be at all 10 of the Patriots’ scheduled picks. Of course, these picks are all subject to change with trades, but to keep things simple we’ll focus on the original selections.

The players at each pick are listed alphabetically, and are just the highlights of those who are expected to be available in that spot. Each pick also includes a ‘stretch‘ player – a player who would have to unexpectedly fall a bit to be in that spot – and a ‘reach‘ player – who might be considered ‘over-drafted’ with that selection but who the Patriots might be willing to be aggressive in taking. For some of the bunched-together picks, such as 120 and 122, consider it one big list for both spots.

This list can be used to familiarize yourself with some of the potential Patriots prospects, or even as a ‘build-your-own mock draft adventure’ by choosing one player at each spot and trying to build the best possible class.

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