The Patriots patience pays off! After the Denver Broncos jump them to grab Trey Lance with the seventh overall pick, Justin Fields becomes their man by default. Of course, that’s not saying Fields is ‘settling’ by any means. Some experts have suggested that he’d be considered a first-overall pick in just about any other year, but his career just happened to line up with a generational prospect in Trevor Lawrence. Given Fields tremendous raw talent, it would be hard to justify not jumping at the chance if he falls. Pretty much since the beginning of the draft process, the Patriots have been linked to Fields through various reports. The hype peaked two weeks ago, when Josh McDaniels attended Fields’ second pro day in Columbus. Adding Fields’ explosive playmaking style to their retooled offense would allow Josh McDaniels to continue to add more modern concepts to the Patriots playbook. Whether he starts right away or begins the season learning from and backing up Cam Newton, Fields would provide a clear and exciting future at the quarterback position in New England.