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The Felger and Mazz Big Board is back for the 2021 NFL Draft. Because why go through hours of analysis when you can just chuck markers at a draft magazine?

And there’s little reason to deny the cosmic powers of the Big Board. It’s become an annual event for Felger and Mazz due to the incredible number of draft picks it’s predicted over the years. Why doubt the Big Board when it nailed picks like Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Flowers, Isaiah Wynn, Jacoby Brissett, N’Keal Harry, and Joejuan Williams, among several others?

However, 2020 was a down year for them, with no hits out of 39 shots on the Big Board. Only that and 2017 were years without a hit since its inception in 2012. So it’s a reasonably safe bet that the Big Board will get back on track in 2021.

Monday started with offensive linemen, with three prospects each at tackle, guard, and center. Here are the names they landed on, along with samplings of scouting reports from Lance Zierlein at

Listen to the full Big Board segment in the podcasts below, complete with some epic scouting reports from the draft magazine. And you can get all the latest coverage at the Patriots Draft Hub.

GUARDS (Starts at 32:59):

TACKLES (Starts at 23:08):

CENTERS (Starts at 23:55):

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