Even though they have plenty of talent on paper, there’s a ton of uncertainty about the Patriots’ cornerback situation right now. Stephon Gilmore and J.C. Jackson are both on de facto one-year deals, although it’s unlikely either will play for the amount they’re currently scheduled to make. There’s a real chance one of them isn’t on the roster by the time the season starts in September. In addition to that, there’s no obvious third outside corner on the roster, with Jason McCourty still a free agent. If the team can figure out a way to keep both Gilmore and Jackson, any rookie corner would still be the immediate backup to two of the best and most important players on the team. However, if one of those two is traded, that role is upgraded to starter. Either way, the Patriots need a good, NFL-ready cornerback. The only way to get one is to use a premium pick, which puts this position in the penultimate spot on the list. Level of need: 1st-2nd round