Stick to Wrestling

By Mike “Sarge” Riley, co-host of Wrestling: Inside the Ropes

WrestleMania take TWO, Tampa!

A year ago, WrestleMania 36 was supposed to take place in front of a sold out Raymond James Stadium. But then, March 11, 2020 hit and the world stopped. However, WWE still went on with the show and WrestleMania was held inside their performance center in Orlando – which on television essentially looks like your local high school gym. A big milestone on Saturday night when WWE welcomes back a LIVE crowd for the first of two-nights and a live audience for the first time since Monday Night Raw on March 9, 2020.

There are 14 matches TOTAL spread out between the two night affair but let’s focus on the big-four Championship bouts where there is a good chance we could see a NEW champion from each match.

More Notes…

— This is the first WrestleMania since 28 (2012) without Brock Lesnar on the card. Don’t rule out a return especially during the Bobby Lashley – Drew McIntyre match or the Universal title match on Sunday night.

— Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch headlined WrestleMania 35 just two years ago. Lynch has been off TV since 2020 after giving birth to her first child, and Rousey has not been on WWE TV since April 2019. These two names were mentioned by WWE President and chief revenue officer Nick Khan on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast”. Khan said “Ronda is gonna be coming back at a certain point in time,”and “Becky Lynch just had her first baby; she’s gonna be coming back at a certain point in time in the not too distant future. So we’re as bullish on that group of folks as on anything else at this company.”

— John Cena told Sports Illustrated in February he would not be at WrestleMania due to filming obligations in February. He was last seen at WrestleMania 36 and it would make sense for him to make a brief appearance here one year later….Stay tuned!

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