Boston Bruins

Feb 21, 2021; Stateline, Nevada, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Jake DeBrusk (74) during the first period in a NHL Outdoors hockey game against the Philadelphia Flyers at Lake Tahoe. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A quarantine pro like, well, pretty much everybody else in the world as we simply try to stay sane in month 14 of a global pandemic, Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk tried to make the best of his 17-day stint in the NHL’s COVID protocol.

“I think I rewatched all of Entourage and some Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” DeBrusk, who will return to the Boston lineup Monday night against the Flyers, said. “That took up probably about a couple of days, I’d say. I was watching HBO Max. I watched Justice League and that new Kong vs. Godzilla just came out, too. It’s actually good timing for that. But that’s usually what I was on. Netflix needs to update their stuff a little bit.”

(Not gonna lie, DeBrusk’s making a great point here. HBO Max is quickly moving up to the top of the streaming service depth chart, and it goes beyond Curb. Netflix needs a big deadline move to be a true contender.)

But with binge-watching the talk of the day, DeBrusk’s bout with COVID, while tedious, could’ve been a lot worse.

“I had some symptoms, [but] nothing too major,” DeBrusk admitted. “Kind of came in midway through. I lost my taste and smell and that was a little bit [of a] weird experience. A couple of low days. But honestly nothing too major. I mean, it obviously hits everyone differently. I got out of it pretty quick and was able to recover fairly fast.”

And though he was off the ice for over two weeks, DeBrusk’s return to the sheet was certainly aided by the fact that his COVID battle didn’t include any respiratory issues, as well as the natural buzz that of being out of an isolated state.

“The thing is you have so much energy, right?” DeBrusk noted. “You’re just excited to see other human beings, let alone be on the ice. So I pushed myself. Wasn’t necessarily the optimal amount of time with their schedule. It’s kind of hard to get in some practices and stuff like that. But if there’s anyone that can do it, I think it’s me.”

It’ll also be interesting to see how DeBrusk returns to the ice.

Last time we saw DeBrusk, he was ‘playing pissed off’ and looking to take himself out of trade rumors. That heat led to two goals, eight shots, and four hits in four games back in the Boston lineup. DeBrusk also logged a season-high 19:20 in his final game before landing on the COVID list, a 4-1 win over the Sabres on Mar. 18.

That anger may have subsided, but DeBrusk feels that his determined mindset remains.

“When things are kind of out of your control and you get COVID or something like that or kind of puts you in a different mind frame,” DeBrusk admitted. “And I was kind of it was good timing because this would have maybe a little bit earlier than I would have been probably a little bit different going into it.

“I’m more so mentally just here to help the team. I mean, I don’t really know if I need to be pissed off. I don’t really know what to expect coming in the game tonight. So I’m just coming in and playing and I’m just competing. Just try to win your 50-50 battles and use my speed.”