Pass-catching running back is a key and understated role in the Patriots’ offense. During his time in New England, Bill Belichick has done an excellent job maintaining a high level of talent at the position. James White was drafted right before Shane Vereen left, in order to give him time to learn the offense and be ready to take over. Before Vereen it was Danny Woodhead, and before Danny Woodhead it was Kevin Faulk. The Patriots have never really been without talent in that spot under Bill Belichick. With White now nearing 30 years old and on a one-year deal, it’s a logical time for the team to add the next link to that chain. Felton would be a perfect fit - a converted wide receiver, he’s arguably the most polished pass-catching back in this draft. Given the Patriots’ historical reluctance to play rookie running backs, he could sit behind James White for a year and learn the ins-and-outs of the offense, before taking over the role full time in 2022.