As mentioned above, the way things project right now the Patriots just don’t have the ammunition to get one of the top five quarterbacks on the board. And the reality is, after those five guys, the rest of the arms in this draft are longshot chances. They’re going to take time and work to develop. So why take the risk on a guy who more likely than not won’t become the future of the franchise with a top 100 pick? Instead, the Patriots use those picks to fortify the rest of the roster, and get their QB project in the seventh round. Franks has all of the physical tools of an NFL quarterback, both in terms of his arm and his legs. As a four-year starter, he brings plenty of experience to the table. What knocks him down to Day 3 is his slow decision making and lack of consistency, both of which he can be coached out of. If drafted by the Patriots, Franks could compete with Jarrett Stidham for the final QB spot on the roster, while still allowing the Patriots to pursue Jimmy Garoppolo or any other quarterback that becomes available. If he can’t beat out Stidham, he has the football IQ to stick on the practice squad and be a valuable member of the scout team.