Patriots get: 2022 2nd-round pick 2023 3rd-round pick Cardinals get: 96th overall pick (3rd round) 122nd overall pick (4th round) 139th overall pick (4th round) The Patriots need to consolidate picks in this year’s draft. At the same time, they’ll likely be in the market for a QB next season, so the more premium assets they have in 2022 the better position they’ll be in to trade up. Arizona is squarely in win-now mode, but is tight against the cap, doesn’t have a ton of draft capital, and still has holes to fill on the roster. The Patriots take advantage of that situation, adding a top-60 pick in next year’s draft. According to the Bill Belichick trade chart, the Patriots give up 80 points worth of picks in this deal, and receive 82 in return.