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As much as it’s discussed and lauded as the driving force behind the Patriots’ success, there’s not definitive definition of the “Patriot Way.” The closest summation seems to be another vague slogan, “Do Your Job.”

Davon Godchaux hasn’t been a Patriot for long, but the newly signed defensive tackle already seems to have a strong grasp on the team’s nomenclature. Perhaps that’s due to playing for former Patriots assistant Brian Flores in Miami, or perhaps he’s just a quick learner – either way, he sounds like a guy who’s already buying in.

“I just feel like doing your job is all a part of being yourself,” he replied when asked about the mentality in New England during his introductory press conference on Wednesday. “Make plays, but be yourself and do your job in that scheme. Don’t try to make plays outside of what you’re assigned to do. I feel like once you do that, it makes it a lot easier.”

Throughout the interview, Godchaux sounded a bit like his new coach here and there. He mentioned Belichick’s scheme and history being what drew him to New England, saying it was “a no-brainer” to come play for “the greatest coach of all time.”

“I look at – football is a man on a man each and every play. Win your one-on-ones. If you’re getting doubled, that means somebody else is free,” Godchaux continued, expanding on what he expects his role to be in the new-look Patriots defense. “In this system, win your one-on-ones. If you’ve got a one-on-one, we expect you to win it. That’s point blank, period. That’s on the pass rush, that’s on the run block. That’s how its got to be, and we’ve got a hold guys to that accountability. And that’s why I think I made the right decision by coming here.”

As for where he’d like to set up to win one-on-ones? “I feel like nose tackle, I thrive,” he told reporters. “Being one-on-one with the center, I feel like that’s a mismatch in my favor, you know, being one-on-one with the center.”

It’s a thankless role at times, as Godchaux knows very well. “I think a lot of people don’t really value that position in football because you don’t get the stats, you don’t get the accolades, you don’t get the numbers,” he pointed out. That could change in New England, where Vince Wilfork was a fan favorite for over a decade.

In fact, Godchaux said he’s worked out with Wilfork before, and called him “someone I look up to” and a “mentor.” Now in Wilfork’s old role, he has a chance to put his position on the map.

Focused on individual assignments, not worried about statistics, accountability – Godchaux is checking all the boxes of the prototypical Patriots player, and another example from this free agency class of a guy who is ready to come in and do his job.

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