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Heading into the offseason, the plan at cornerback seemed pretty clear. Stephon Gilmore wants a new contract, so he’d be moved and J.C. Jackson tendered, turning him into a bridge cornerback. However, it appears things have changed. As Jeff Howe first reported, the Patriots are not actively shopping Gilmore. The team also placed a second-round tender on Jackson, instead of the expected first. What does this all mean? It could just mean that there’s no deals on the table they like for Gilmore, and didn’t want to spend the extra million on Jackson’s tender. It could also signal that the plan is now to keep Gilmore, and possibly add a second-round pick using Jackson’s RFA status as bait. Whatever the case, the team likely has about a month to sort it out. The RFA negotiation window ends April 23 (a week before the draft), and any deal involving Jackson - trade or renegotiation - will look much different at that point.