A handful of reports popped up through the first week of free agency that the Patriots were looking to trade 2019 first-round pick N’Keal Harry. However, none of those reports came to fruition, at least not yet. A potential Harry trade would make sense for the Patriots and any team willing to bring him aboard. In New England, he’s been pushed to the fourth or fifth spot on the depth chart, and his lack of versatility limits his ability to contribute from that spot. Another NFL team may see more value in the 23 year old, with the idea that a chance of scenery could tap into the potential he showed coming out of Arizona State. Will the Patriots continue to explore a deal involving Harry? Or was that contingent on landing another free agent wide receiver? It doesn’t seem like the door would be shut on any potential trade at this point, but teams will likely get more attached to their picks the closer we get to the draft.