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Wicked Spring Guide

Are your young kids climbing the walls? Need to find something fun and exciting to do to keep them occupied? We’ve found some spring themed activities to do with your preschoolers that are relatively easy and should keep them engaged on these upcoming spring weekends.

Most of these spring themed activities require very little preparation, just some paint, crayons, and some regular items you have hanging around the house.

Celebrate Spring with Flower Play-Doh

Celebrate those blooming flowers with your kids by creating some simple Play-Doh flower sculptures. All you need is a few containers of the clay and some vivid imagination.

Flower Play Doh | PlayDough Crafts | Kid's Crafts and Activities | Happykids DIY

Back To School Flower Play Doh !! Flower Play Doh are here and its time for some fun! How about Flower Play Doh? how about a Flower Play Doh ! Come on and l...

Creating a Spring-Themed Sensory Bin for Quiet Play Time

Sensory bins are all the rage with preschoolers and toddlers, and creating a new spring themed bin with household items will net you some quiet time.

Making a Spring-themed sensory bin

Every month, we create a new sensory bin for our Quiet Art + Play class What is Quiet Art + Play class? This is a afternoon creative class for our non-napp...

How To Make Coffee Filter Butterflies

You should have coffee filters lying around the house (unless you’re a Kerig household) but dig in the junk drawers anyways. With some markers, water, and a pipe cleaner or two, your kids will have some spring themed decorations for their bedroom in no time at all.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

For the full instructions visit: coffee filter butterflies are so easy to make and they look so ...

Making Beautiful Rain Paintings with Crayons & Watercolors

Just because it’s a rainy day doesn’t mean there can’t be fun. Capture some of the rain with a spring themed art project that requires only crayons and watercolors. The refrigerator never looked so good!

Water Color Resist With Crayons | Rain Painting for Kids

Learn simple easy painting techniques. Fun art for children. Material used - Wax Crayon, Paper, brush and Watercolor.

Bee-Themed Painted Rocks

Here’s a two-step spring themed project – first go on a rock hunt in the backyard or park. Once you bring them home, the creativity can begin with step two – painting! In this case we’re looking at bees, because spring, but really, they can be painted any way you want. Plus, show us a kid that doesn’t like paint!

Bee Painted Rocks Craft for Kids

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How To Make Bubbles in the Backyard

Chasing bubbles around the porch or the yard checks off two things – it’s something different, and it gets the kids out of the house. And almost anything can be a bubble wand if you try hard enough!