"I would say that we look tired or emotionally drained or whatever...[Marcus] Smart isn't there. And so we have not had the kind of Kevin Garnett, go rip everybody's throat out, intensity. So I don't feel like that selfishness. I feel like that's being exhausted or unable to or not bringing the consistent, rabid energy that is required to win consistently in the NBA." "Well, I think if we had KG in his prime, we'd be a better team. That's an obvious comment, but it's a true comment. I've made that comment in in private life to a million other people. You know, if KG were here back in the day - we do need that. Marcus [Smart] brings some of that Jayson [Tatum], Jalylen [Brown], when they're at their best bring some of that. Kemba [Walker] brings some of that in a different style - he'll cut your throat while he smiles at you. So we've got guys who do that on the team, but we just need to take this to another level as the season progresses. I really hope and I know the guys feel this way. Brad feels this way, Danny feels this way. They want to do better than this. Nobody is accepting this as the way it has to be."