"I'm not sure I would have a major complaint about selfishness, about anybody that I can think of. Jayson and Jaylen made the All-Star team. I don't view them as selfish players. I've watched every second of every game this year and a lot of the games twice. And I see those guys passing the ball to each other, to everybody else, I don't see them saying I need to make a basket here to improve my stats. It's not the way I see it. That's not my gut assessment of those guys. I think Jalyen has brought his game to a new level this year. I think Jayson was at a similar level the last year, and has had a really good year. I think Jaylen has taken another step forward. And I think a lot of that is rebounding. A lot of it is passing and playmaking. A lot of it is getting to the hoop and taking the hit and trying to make the free throws. I mean, he's just doing things with a lot of energy and intensity and he's an intense player and he really wants to win. So anyway, I'm a fan of Jayson that Jaylen and the way they're playing, and I don't view them as selfish, my personal opinion."