"I've done a little complaining and in private and I feel a little frustrated. We're not contenders. Just to jump to probably your next question, 'Wyc, you're going to say that these guys are contenders.' You can't say you're a contender if you're below .500 a third of the way into the season. And so we're not. I hope the second third, or whatever, is better than the first, third. We've got some work to do." "2: It seems to me like it's been uneven. I think we've got things we can point to that I just consider not point to. But I think it's been uneven. I think some games or some moments during games, we look, amazing, and that's a strong word. But I mean, there are good periods of time when you can see a lot of potential in this team. But then there are periods of time where you lose a 24 point lead and lose the game. And I feel a personal sense of wishing it was going better and thinking that it's not going the way I want it to."