"I think we've got our coach coaching a lot of young guys. I think our two key two key guys - I think Jayson's birthday is [next week] - so they're 23 and 24. And I think over the next five if not 10 years, those guys are going to be hopefully on a championship team, hopefully sooner than that. But then the next - Robert Williams is coming along. And Kemba is older than those two guys, those three guys, obviously, but has the talent to be on a championship team. And I think we've got a lot of guys - and then we've got two rookies playing big minutes for us with [Aaron] Nesmith and [Payton] Pritchard, who are fun to watch and they're developing before our eyes, but they're 19 - Pritchard is in his early 20's. We've got a young team. And so when you coach a young team, as Doc Rivers found out, when you coach a young team, it's a pain in the neck half the time and you get gray hair and you have to hope it gets better. But I think we've got a roster that isn't a contending roster right now, but it has the makings of something good, I hope. And starting at the top of the roster with the best players, they're keepers, and we're going to keep them."