Boston Bruins

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - FEBRUARY 05: Tuukka Rask #40 of the Boston Bruins looks on during the third period against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center on February 05, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

By Ty Anderson,

To the shock of absolutely everyone, Tuukka Rask decided to make a break for the Boston bench with just over a minute remaining in the third period of Wednesday’s meeting with the Rangers.

In most instances, this would be fine. He does this every time there’s a delayed penalty against the opposition or when the Bruins are in search of a game-tying score. But neither was the case during Rask’s Wednesday jailbreak for the bench, as his teammates and coaches tried to scream at him as he made his way to them in a 2-2 contest.

“It’s a good question,” B’s head coach Bruce Cassidy said with a chuckle when asked what Rask’s thinking was during his charge to the bench. “You’d think he has access to the scoreboard so I’d like to think [he thought] it was a delayed penalty. I thought a couple of guys on our bench thought that.”

Honestly, I mean, who hasn’t been here? I wanna run away from my problems every single day of my life. Throw my phone in the ocean and live off the grid. Plant some vegetables or something. One time I accidentally went to an adults-only website when I was 12 years old and I just got up and ran out of the computer room and left someone else to discover and handle it. I didn’t know what else to do and it seemed like the best plan at the time. Looking back on it, it still holds up as the best plan.

But these problems didn’t seem to be what Rask was dealing with Wednesday.

“I just had to tell something to Jaro [Halak] real quick,” Rask joked before delivering the truth of his dash.

“I honestly thought we were down 2-1,” Rask admitted. “I was waiting for Butchy to wave me over there. I was like, ‘Why the heck… there’s like a minute and a half left, why is he not waving me?’ Then I just decided to come over when we had the puck and [Charlie McAvoy] told me, ‘Buddy, it’s 2-2.’”

“I think Tuuks was trying to throw everybody off,” said Brad Marchand. “He’s gonna catch some heat for that. It’s anybody’s supposed to not be sleeping in the game, it’s your goalie.”

The Rangers failed to capitalize on Rask’s adventure, and the Bruins escaped Madison Square Garden with the victory on the back of his season-high 33-save performance, and with countless 10-bell stops along the way.

Rask and the Bruins will get back to scoreboard-watching Friday night against these same Rangers.

You can hear more Bruins talk in the podcast below from SideLines. Skip to around the 1:16:53 mark.

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